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If you're like me, it's hard to find enough hours in the day to do everything you need to for your business. There just isn't enough time.

It is so frustrating hitting the sack at night knowing there was still more to do that didn't get done.

That seems to be the story of every online marketer sometimes... 

So things get pushed aside in business that could launch it forward. I've noticed one thing get pushed aside a lot in many businesses...blogging. 

Keeping a blog is time consuming, labor intensive, and sometimes desired results don't show up for a while. 

So why do it?

I'm a huge advocate of having a blog as a vital piece of the long term game plan for any business, but especially for affiliate marketing. It's a great way to create passive income.

I tried outsourcing blog writing, but soon discovered none of the writing services out there truly understood what affiliate marketers needed, which is an article that converts and that leads to affiliate link clicks and commissions. 

Unlike the writing services out there, I understand the needs of affiliate marketers, I understand the frustration in creating the RIGHT content to get the BEST results.

That's why I want to help others get the right content for their affiliate marketing business.
I have a passion for article writing and I have a strong understanding of the affiliate marketing industry.

That's why I created Affiliate Ghost Blogger. 
What is Affiliate Ghost Blogger?

It's content writing specifically designed for affiliate marketing blogs, optimized for conversions, link clicks and getting those affiliate commissions rolling in. 

Let's get your blog and your commissions rolling...

I'm super excited to work with you!

Your Affiliate Ghost Blogger,
Affiliate Ghost Blogger
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Affiliate Marketing and Make Money Online

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What Do Marketers Just Like You Say about Affiliate Ghost Blogger?
*All testimonials are from real people who have ordered blog articles and have shared their experience.
Greg Beuerle
Marketing Tool Depot
"I recently hired Marilee to write two articles for my website, and let me say right off the bat that I'll be hiring her again! I gave her the topics I wanted to cover and some (very rough) direction, and she ran with it and did a fantastic job. My articles were about affiliate marketing, and you can tell how much she knows about this subject. She covered all the bases and provided just enough detail for experienced marketers who visit my website. Thanks again Marilee and I look forward to working with you again!"
Prakash Prajapati
Affiliate Marketer
Ilir Salihi
Affiliate Marketer

"Marilee Waters is a writer that understands digital marketing. She knows how to write articles that convert clicks into commissions. If you're looking for an affiliate ghost writer, you can't go wrong with Marilee!"
"Marilee was extremely fast and responsive. She wrote an article with a focus on getting clicks on my CTA, which is perfect for an affiliate article."
Spencer Mecham
Super Affiliate
Voltaire Pabustan
Kaisen Sigma, LLC

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